Hey Lovelies, 

A few months ago now I completed some work experience for my university course and during that time I went and completed a week at the incredible Feref PR, who I had worked with on my blog before, as they allowed me to post about some amazing films. During my time there I learnt so much and I found that my week was a valuable moment in that I learnt to appreciate the team and everything they do so much more. 

After spending months blogging for them, the company welcomed me with open arms into their team and made me feel like I was one of them from the get go, however that is not the reason in which I chose them to be this week’s film works. No the real reason was to say a huge thank you to them for allowing me to blog about some amazing films over the past year. 

Since I started speaking to the team, they have been so helpful and even when I know I have been a pain they have been lovely and welcoming to me. They have never told me off or made me feel like I have done something wrong, but in fact spoken to me about future projects and given me the chance to bring new and exciting films to the blog that I would not have been able to without them. 

Seeing the team working and the behind the scenes action in which I saw during my work there, made me appreciate the team so much more, as they are constantly working and thinking up fun new ideas that they can bring to the film world and other products in which they work with and during this they keep everything calm. 

From funny moments discussing Disney to planning new things, they are a team that are very close and know how to make a project fun, as they work to bring fresh ideas to the table that every audience member is going to love and appreciate, and because of this when I get something from them that they think will work amazingly on the blog I always want to bring something fresh and fun to that blog post, to reflect the hard work in which they have done before allowing me to see it. 

The team have also allowed me to have some fun moments, including being in the same room as the cast of ‘Magic Mike XXL’ which was a huge shocker and one that I will always look back on and smile at lovelies aha! I think my heart will always be eternally grateful for this moment. 

This week’s film works was an easy one to choose when I was thinking of who to thank, because I could honestly thank Feref for a long time. They have helped me bring new projects to the blog, given me experiences that I will never forget and allowed me to see into a world that I didn’t have much knowledge on, but would now consider doing in my future when I finish university. They showed me that the film world is huge and everything that can happen it comes from many different places. 

The team are one that I hope I will continue to work with on the blog for a long time as they are a great company and one that will always allow me to bring something fun and interesting to the table lovelies, when I blog about a film in which they are working on. Plus they allow me to share great images of Channing Tatum, which is always an added bonus aha! 

Thank you so much Feref!  I will always be grateful and thankful to work with you! 

I will be back next week with more film works lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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