Hey Lovelies, 

This week’s film works is another thank you to an amazing team and company and this week it has to go to the amazing Way to Blue, who have helped me a lot over the past year or so, by providing me with a number of fun film items to share with you lovelies! 

For a long time I could see the teams working away on items that I would have loved to have featured on the blog and when they allowed me to do so and share them with all of you I couldn’t have been happier lovelies. It was a lovely thing that they allowed me to work with them lovelies and I could not wait to share with you all of the film goodness that they had. 

I am also really thankful to the team, because they have been so friendly to me and have helped me whenever they have been able to. My blog is a little weird with downloaded videos and I feel as though I am always messaging them and being a general pain to them aha, because I am always asking for Youtube versions of the new items. However they are always friendly and willing to help me with my enquiries, as much as they can. 

I have loved every single film in which we have worked on together and each one has brought me a lot of joy to share with all of you lovelies, because not only are the films great, but I know that Way to Blue have worked hard to bring the film to us and to make sure that we are getting the best footage and items lovelies. 

As a blogger it is always a nice feeling to work with new people and every day I am meeting new members of the Way to Blue team, who are all lovely and willing to help me when they can lovelies. I wanted to thank them mostly because of this, because as I said before I know I can be a real pain when it comes to questions and asking for different items and I always feel terrible for it. 

They are a lovely company who work together to make sure that every single one of us bloggers are being treated with respect and getting the best work that we can. I have been one of the lucky bloggers to work with them and if they are able to allow me to bring something unique and different to my blog, then they work their hardest to help me do so. 

Therefore I really wanted to post this post to say thank you, which I know I have said a lot, but I really cannot say it enough, because they are always helping me do something different and helping me to build new ideas and skills that I would not be able to think up without their help and they are always willing to give me the items I need to bring you all the fun new blog posts in which I am working on. 

Way to Blue you have been an amazing company and I cannot wait to continue to work with you on a number of films in the future, because you are amazing and always allowing me to do the best that I can and give to you lovelies the best items in which I can. 

Thank You Way to Blue! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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