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This week’s film works features a company in which I have mentioned a lot of the past two weeks, because I have only just realised just how important they are to a good film experience at times lovelies and that is why this week’s film works post is going to the amazing Ben & Jerry’s UK. 

While they host an amazing outdoor cinema event that I will not be forgetting in a long time I wanted to use this post to thank them more so for making such an amazing cinematic treat. It didn’t really occur to me why they sell the ice cream at the cinema until I went to the event, as it got me thinking about the fact that many of us, including myself, have curled up at some point on the sofa with a great film and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. 

Even cinematic legends have done so, including the amazing Bridget Jones, as the company know just how to hit the right spots and make sure that we all enjoy the film in all its brilliance, with some great food. I want to celebrate them for making a flavour for everyone, mine being the simple but beautiful baked Alaska lovelies, as no one can put down a tub of Ben & Jerry’s when they have one in their hands lovelies. 

Each girly night in I have had with my friends has also been spent with Ben & Jerry’s, because it is the ultimate sleepover film and when I think about the amount of places and experiences in which Ben & Jerry’s ice cream must have gone through, I come up with a very big list lovelies aha! I am sure many of you will be now thinking of the places in which you have shared or eaten a tub of the best ice cream around lovelies. 

The real nice thing about this company is though that the people behind the scenes and the creators of the ice cream have also used their own products in these places or in these times of need. Ben and Jerry have often shared their stories with us on why they come with new products and the way in which they do so, and when I attended the screening a few Sunday’s ago, one of the interesting things I heard at it was the way in which Ben and Jerry were inspired by the cinema events that they went to when they were younger. 

While the company continues to develop and new flavours are always being brought out, some including our favourite film figures, and yes I am looking at you Ron Burgundy, the company are always looking at their past and the events that made them such a success to bring joy to everyone’s lives in the way in which they have done lovelies. 

Even when I use to attend the music festival, the nice thing about it wasn’t the free ice cream, although that was a nice added bonus, it was the way in which the company accepted everyone and made sure that everyone was having a good time. They didn’t want to let anyone down and the staff and team were always friendly and willing to help lovelies.

And that is why I wanted to feature them as this week’s film works, because over the past few weeks, the more and more time has been spent thinking about the brilliance behind the scenes and the influence in which their ice cream has had on so many of us, as we all seek to have a great cinematic and home experience with a great food.

Thank you so much Ben & Jerry’s for being such a great film food and I hope you continue to make such amazing flavours for us all to enjoy in the future! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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