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Horror films are one of my favourite genres to explore, because the dark worlds within them are always different and the feeling of being on edge is one that I weirdly enjoy, however ‘Infernal’ failed to make me feel like this. 

Following a couple who move into their new home and discover that they are having their first child at the same time, the film turns darker as the child grows older though, as her attitude changes and the dark side of her character is presented on screen. 

The use of a child actor in this role is not new and the film repeats what many have tried to do before, as it uses the child’s innocence to play on the audience’s emotions, however this time around it fails because the audience can guess and will know what to expect from it. There is nothing new and this makes the film go on a dark path of despair that it isn’t intentionally trying to do. 

As the creators work to bring something new to the film, they fail to do so by lacking to make up the script and qualities that are needed within it to get the film to an original level. 

Therefore because of the repeated themes and the ways in which the characters have not been given a big enough platform to be explored on a different scale, the film lacks in what many others have succeeded with and the themes it uses have become something that audiences will be able to guess from.

This is why I am giving the film…

2 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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