Hey Lovelies, 

Earlier this afternoon while I was working out, a knock on our door brought into my life a beautiful parcel that I had been looking forward to receiving on the blog! As many of you know I am a bit of a foodie and even though I am a bit of a health freak now, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on these little cuties. 

While I was at the Ben & Jerry’s UK Big Ice Screening,  I wanted to speak to the team at Joe & Seph’s about an exciting project that I am currently planning lovelies and will tell you more about soon, but right now it is still a little bit of a secret aha! Anyway while I was there I spoke to a lovely lady who was happy to help me with my enquiry and gave me all of the information and contacts in which I needed. 

After emailing the company the day after, the team were quick to get back to me and during the conversation they very nicely asked me if I would like to review and sample a number of their products to work alongside the upcoming feature lovelies. I was so happy to be able to do so, because even though I am unable to eat popcorn myself due to my wisdom tooth coming through (I HATE YOU WISDOM TOOTH!), I thought it would be a fun idea to blind test my mum to see if she could pick up the flavours. 

I was allowed to pick three flavours to trial and decided to go with some that I wanted to feature on the blog in the later project, which was why I chose Mince Pie, Gingerbread and then a savoury option with Blue Cheese, Walnut and Celery, as they all remind me and probably many of you of the season in which I was going to be featuring them. 

Sitting down this afternoon, I ripped open each pack, and let me tell you if I could wrap up the Gingerbread and Mince Pie smells into a candle, perfume or anything in which I could smell the scent all the time I honestly would! They smelt like heaven on earth lovelies! I wish I had a smell blog right now to share it with you all, because it was lovely! 

And so with all of these smells in the air, I made sure my mum was completely unable to see what each one was and decided to have her taste them, and these were the results, with her least favourite being shared first and her favourite being shown last lovelies…

Third Place - Blue Cheese, Walnut and Celery: While my mum could taste that the product had celery and blue cheese within it, she was unable to taste the walnuts that much and found that the celery did over power the product. While she still really liked the product she said she would have liked to have had a bit more of the blue cheese taste, as she thinks it would have complemented the popcorn taste and texture really well. 

Second Place - Mince Pie: My mum automatically knew what this was and loved the taste of this popcorn. Having never tried a Mince Pie in this manner, my mum was shocked at how much it truly tasted like the real thing and thought that it would be the perfect thing to tuck into at Christmas when the good films and TV shows are being aired instead of the real thing lovelies. Although in our house both could be eaten at the same time aha! 

First Place - Gingerbread: As soon as I opened the bag I almost died, because the smell from it was absolutely AMAZING! I am not joking it was like that warm feeling you get inside, the cold side of the pillow, a hot summers day, the best present at Christmas, all wrapped into one lovelies and that was just the smell. This really smelt like Gingerbread and I think my mum may have guessed the flavour from that before she got the chance to taste it, however that didn’t stop her from trying it and I think she was happy to do so, because after only having two pieces she ripped the packet from my hands and has now finished the bag! My mum was overjoyed at how much this really tasted of Gingerbread and she couldn’t help not sharing the joy with her friend to prove what she was saying. Therefore she said it was easy to pick a winner out of the three. 

I had such a fun time with my mum, as she tried the products and I think that while some didn’t win her over as much as others did, she was so happy with what she got to try because she was shocked at how much the popcorn tasted like the items in which they were flavoured to be. Joe & Seph’s always think about their customers I learnt on Sunday and are very happy to help lovelies, so I cannot thank them enough for allowing me to do this taste test and I hope that they like the results. 

As a film fan and blogger, popcorn is something that I will always and probably many of you will to with the cinema and the whole cinema experience. It is now just not so plain and with new flavours like this coming out, we are finding out about different cinematic experiences in which we can have lovelies. 

I am sure many of you will have guessed what the products are for by now lovelies, but I will be sure to let you all know for sure very soon lovelies and I can’t thank Joe & Seph’s enough for allowing me to do this very fun taste test! I am so grateful lovelies! 

Maybe I should do some more of these taste tests lovelies, what do you think?!? Let me know below or on social media!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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