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As a huge Josh Hutcherson fan, I was looking forward to seeing him in the film that was created during the making of ‘Mockingjay Part 1’ lovelies. ‘Escobar- Paradise Lost’ stars an amazing cast and with a gripping plot summary I was hoping to find a great thriller to fall in love with and while it wasn’t the best film, it definitely boosts all of those within it its career! 

Set during the summer of 1991, the film follows a Canadian surfer called Nick, after he is sent away to a cartel hideout, after being told that he will have to commit a murder on behalf of the drug lord in which is keeping him up. During that time he meets a young woman called Maria, who he falls in love with. However their relationship is tested when Escobar let’s his power over Nick be known. 

Probably the most surprising aspect within the film is the relationship between the couple, because it is a relationship in which you expect, but don’t, which may sound confusing but due to the nature of the film and the way in which the plot has been explored and presented, it is a very violent place in which the relationship is built in. 

Hutcherson gives an incredible performance alongside Claudia Traisac, who plays Maria, as their relationship is one with a lot of strength and intrigue as you want to carry on watching to see how they are going to develop and survive in such a violent world that has to survive a lot. 

However the film is completely over taken by the acting and skills of leading man Benicio Del Toro, who manages to take all of the attention and action and make the film focus on him, as the drug filled scenes play out, causing an uncomfortable and intriguing film for audience members.

The plot may not be very refreshing and it is one that has been seen a lot before, but there is something about the magic in which the relationship on screen plays out, that makes this film seem like an original piece that is different to what other films have done. 

And the acting within it is key to this, because all of those on screen know that what is being played out between the in love couple is not being done so in the in the normal romance setting and therefore they are able to twist and turn the film to make it more darker and drama filled. 

Therefore I am finding the paradise in this film, with this…

4 Stars

The film will be out in cinemas and digitally from the 21st August and on DVD and Blu-ray from the 21st September lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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