Hey Lovelies, 

As mentioned earlier I was sent a very exciting present this afternoon, just after 2pm, that I was expecting but wasn’t sure what it would have inside of it. Right now I am planning and plotting a very exciting project, that some of you lovelies may have already guessed from earlier posts, and to help me plan a very special element of the future moment, Cadbury’s UK sent me this amazing parcel full of their Christmas goodies. 

Inside was a huge selection of the items in which they would be working on and building this year and I have to say Cadbury’s are doing everything right! They are not making any of their items smaller this year, instead they are making sure that when we are being seated in front of the TV watching the Christmas films and TV shows, we have a lot of treats to enjoy. 

I thought I would share with you all my thoughts on the items, a few months before the big event, because they are just too good to not talk about lovelies and I am obsessed with Cadbury’s, so I couldn’t hold back aha! And I thought that the best thing to do would be to start with the items in which you could enjoy in the lead up to the big day. 

Starting with this year’s Advent Calendars, which include the traditional sized product and a brand new monster sized edition of it, that will make all of you snowy Christmas dreams come true every day, as they have made a brand new chocolate filled with vanilla mousse treat, that can be enjoyed every day in the lead up to the big event. I love that Cadbury’s are working with their audiences and giving them what they want instead of making the sizes smaller, which some companies have been doing with their Christmas items. They are definitely listening to what the public is asking for and I can see that because of this the advent calendars will be flying off the shelves, as they provide adults and children with these little pre-Christmas treats every day. 

The other treats in which many could enjoy in the lead up to the big day is the brand new Oreo Cadbury Bauble, which is a huge purple bauble, that can be hung on the tree or as something else as you can easily take the ribbon off it lovelies, filled with individually wrapped Oreo Cadbury treats, that are so cute. I made my whole family taste test one earlier, and I didn’t tell them that they had Oreo’s in them and when I heard the noises they made when they found out, you could tell these really would hit the spot with all ages. 

In fact I was speaking to my mum after see tried it and she said that she loved it and that they should make a set of different baubles with the Cadbury products within them, which got us both thinking. We both agreed that the baubles would be great if they were filled with other treats such as the Cadbury Éclair sweets or if they did a Heroes based bauble, which would make all of our chocolate dreams come true, because we could have both the tin and the bauble aha! 

Once we had discussed the tastes and flavours of the products that would help with the lead up to Christmas, we then got talking about the products in which you could enjoy on the big day or in the lead up to the day, however we thought that these treats would be great as stocking fillers or little treats in a handmade advent calendar lovelies. For me the best little treat that Cadbury has made this year is these five little Santa’s who are so incredibly cute. I could see these poking their heads out of an advent calendar as a little treat for smaller children’s and big kids. I love that they all have a different and fun face on them and they all stand out against the bigger version, which is just as amazing and would definitely be the icing on top of the cake or stocking in this case, because I imagine this being the figure on top of all of the little presents lovelies, that everyone could enjoy in the evening of the big day or maybe even as a little treat on Christmas Eve. 

Back again this year as well is the amazing snow balls, which always taste brilliant, as the sugar coated balls melt in your mouth. However I have been thinking up new ideas for them this year and I think these would be amazing in a hot chocolate drink! Think about it lovelies, it would be like heaven, as the sugar and chocolate melt into you drink. YUM! 

As well as this the company have also brought back their popping candy treats, however they have been united with a firm favourite lovelies, as the once fairy sweets have now been transformed into popping candy Freddo’s lovelies, which is just brilliant, as Freddo is a figure in every child’s mind. The company have also brought back their mousse chocolates for another year, which are bigger versions of the treats within the new Advent Calendar I feel lovelies. 

Each product that I have seen and tested out this year have already beaten last years, and I feel that when it comes to Christmas Cadbury’s are going to be having a very successful year, because they have definitely listened to what audiences want and made sure that they are giving us lovelies the best chocolate products of all time lovelies! And as we all know lovelies, Christmas is not Christmas without Cadbury’s chocolate! 

Bring on the Christmas joy lovelies!!!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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