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Many amazing actors and actresses have launched their careers in some incredible Prison based films and to celebrate the release of all four seasons of Prison Break on to NOW TV, I thought it would be an amazing time to take a look at those that have left a mark on so many of us. 

With a wide mix available, I decided to narrow down just a few of my personal and hopefully many of your favourites to lovelies. 

I hope you all enjoy this new feature and don’t try to make a break from it…

The Shawshank Redemption: After being accused of killing his wife, the film follows a man as he is sentenced to jail for a crime in which he says he didn’t commit and the great escape in which he works on. Along the way, the film introduces us to some key figures that have since made cinematic history. 

Starred Up: Following a young man as he is moved from a youth prison to an adult prison, the film sees him be reunited with his father, who is in the same cell block as him, causing him to fight back against those around him.

The Great Escape: With one of the most famous theme songs ever, the film launched Steve McQueen’s most iconic film figure and with such an incredible and compelling piece, the film is  a must watch for anyone, and not just at Christmas time. 

Hunger: Launching the careers of Michael Fassbender and Steve McQueen, the film saw Fassbender transform his entire body to play prisoner Bobby Sands, who started a hunger strike while in prison, causing the star to crash diet for the film. 

Bronson: Nicolas Winding Refn helped the world discover Tom Hardy, in this prison drama, as he plays the most famous and notorious prisoner of all time, Charles Bronson, a man who has been sentenced to solitary confinement for most of his adult life. 

Dead Man Walking: Following a nun who has been hired to help a death’s row convict, the film sees Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn team up for one of the most amazing prison films of all time, as the pair seek to reveal the truth together. 

Cry Baby: While it may not be a long prison scene, Johnny Depp’s dance within the halls made him one of the biggest sex icons of all time, causing him to become a national heart throb with his hip thrusting and singing. 

Chicago: However Depp isn’t the only one to turn to singing, as the female convicts within the Chicago based prison continuous sing their tales to allow the others to hear the truth in which is behind their crimes, causing famous songs such as ‘Cell Block Tango’ and many more. 

The Green Mile: Starring Tom Hanks, the film is one of the most compelling pieces of cinema ever, as it follows the guards working on death row and the prisoners in which they are faced with every day. 

Chicken Run: A completely different film to the others, this film continues to be a hit whenever it is shown; as it sees the animals fight back against their evil farmers and form a new alliance together to protect themselves when in their prison pens. 

All of these films are the perfect viewing along with the complete box sets of Prison Break which have been added to NOW TV for us all to enjoy. You can catch all four seasons of the show as of now lovelies, just by subscribing to their Entertainment Pass! 

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Joey X

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