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I don’t know if I have ever said this before, but I actually live very near to Simon Pegg, and because of this I have grown up surrounded by fans of his, including myself lovelies, because everyone is very proud to have a great figure live in our town. 

However I grew to love him more so for his amazing characters and careers, especially after his performance in ‘Shaun of the Dead’ helped me to get an A in A Level Film Studies lovelies. Although many of you lovelies have different characters that you are in love with, that Pegg has played lovelies. 

Which is why I wanted to share with you this exciting feature, that has been created to celebrate the release of his new film ‘Absolutely Anything’ which has been released in cinemas today lovelies, because it takes a look inside some of his best performances to date lovelies. 

I will admit that I did not write this, because I think the writer deserves the credit for it and I hope you all enjoy it…

With the release of Simon Pegg’s latest Sci-fi adventure ‘Absolutely Anything’ in cinemas now we take a look at Simon Pegg’s top 5 moments.

5. Spaced (1999): Acting as a twenty something northerner, pretending to be in a relationship to get an apartment he could never afford Spaced was the debut that first put Pegg in the spotlight. What started off as a small British sitcom, turned out to be what made the world first fall in love with Pegg, and even led to him being nominated The Best Male Comedy Newcomer. It was also through Spaced that Pegg first worked with Nira Park, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright, which would later lead to another of his best moments; The Cornetto Trilogy.

4. Mission Impossible: Acting as an I.M.F technician in American Blockbuster Mission Impossible Pegg was moving away from the British comedy that he was renowned for, and took to the bigger screen. Appearing in the 2011 film Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and the 2015 film Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation Pegg took to Hollywood playing none other than a member of the mission in the 21-st highest-grossing film series of all time.

3. Star Trek (2009): Fulfilling the iconic role of Montgomery Scott, in the 2009 Star Trek and its sequel Star Trek into Darkness, Pegg continued to hold a name for himself in world of Sci-Fi. Living up to his comical reputation, amongst a plot of dark holes and devastation of plants, Scott lands up stuck working at an isolated outpost as punishment for having no idea what planet he lost the Admiral’s prized beagle on.

2. Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy: Earning its name from a joke that arose during the promotion for ‘Hot Fuzz’ the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy consists of the British comedy films Shaun of the Dead (2004), Hot Fuzz (2007), and The World's End (2013). Being connected with a specific Cornetto flavour related to the plot, Shaun of Dead features strawberry flavour to signify the gore, Hot Fuzz the blue original due to the relation to the police and The World’s End the green mint to represent the Sci-Fi genre. Renowned for weaving comedy throughout a multiple of genres The Cornetto Trilogy saw Pegg break away from conventions and bring a comical new edge to the film industry.

1. Absolutely Anything: Doing what he does best, Pegg features in Absolutely Anything in the way that he is loved for, bringing the worlds of comedy and Sci-fi together. When eccentric aliens give Neil Clarke, a disenchanted schoolteacher the power to do anything it’s bound to lead to a whole heap of hilarious mishaps. Pegg’s placed at his best as he struggles to juggle his new found powers, love life and career and the wish of being absolutely anything isn’t quite what it seems.  

Catch the film, ‘Absolutely Anything’, in cinemas now lovelies!

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