Hey Lovelies, 

We have come to that time of the day, where I am lucky enough to share with you all a little bit more release news! And these new pieces are huge lovelies! One is just a small reminder, while the other is a brand new documentary, starring two people who are being mentioned a lot this year! 

Let’s start with the latest news featuring two figures who are being spoken about a lot in 2015, as Metrodome have announced that they will be releasing a new documentary on Ronnie and Reggie Kray lovelies, called ‘The Krays – Kill Order’, on the 4th September digitally and in cinemas, before it is released on DVD on the 14th September! 

Directed by Christopher Matthews, the documentary aims to show the truth behind the brothers, as those who knew them well, which includes, Freddie Foreman, Frankie Fraser, Eddie Richardson, Albert Donoghue, Lenny Hamilton, Billy Frost, Jimmy Tippett Snr., Albert Chapman, Toby Von Judge, Maureen Flanagan and Bernard O’Mahoney, speak out about them.

The new documentary will also feature an unheard audio recording of Reggie Kray lovelies, and will show all sides to the scandalous twins, as new evidence is brought to light within the documentary.

Have a look out for this soon lovelies, as it could be the perfect thing to watch before the film, ‘Legend’, comes out! 

And now for a little reminder lovelies, as 20th Century Fox are very proud to say that their film, ‘Paper Towns’ is now in cinemas and waiting for all of you to enjoy it.

I may have to pop to the cinema this weekend and catch it, as the book was brilliant! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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