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Earlier on I mentioned that the brilliant yogurt company Oykos were bringing out the devil and angel inside of all of us with their brand new flavours, Oh So Heavenly Vanilla and Oh So Devilishly Salted Caramel, which I was very kindly asked if I would like to sample and write a review on, which I accepted. 

Before I start the review I just want to say a huge thank you to the company for allowing me to do this, because I am very grateful that they sent me the items and I couldn’t wait to find out more about them, which this company allowed me to do. 

In my household, yogurts are normally enjoyed first thing in the morning or later on in the evening, after dinner, when we are sitting down in front of the TV to enjoy a film, and a personal favourite of ours is Greek yogurt, which is why I thought this was perfect lovelies, because I decided to use my taste testing guru aka my mother, and try the new flavours on her. 

My mother likes to mix things up a lot with her food, however I wasn’t sure how she would take the salted caramel flavour, because I was aware that she had not tried the flavour before. Therefore I decided to be nice to her and give her the vanilla flavour first to try. I know that my mum often enjoys vanilla yogurt with cereals, but today I gave her the pot without the lid so she wouldn’t be aware of the flavour and asked her what she thought. 

Upon trying it for the first time, my mum automatically tasted the rich vanilla flavour, which she said was so much more creamier and flavourful than most yogurts. She liked the way in which it mixed with the Greek yogurt taste and she was quick to tell me that she would enjoy this more in the morning with the normal foods in which she eats with the cereal, because she felt that it would also give them a bit of a kick as well. 

This was actually one of her overall thoughts regarding the Oh So Heavenly Vanilla flavour, as she felt that this would be an angel food to eat in the morning, before the dark night time quicks in, in which she felt would be more suited to the Salted Caramel flavour, which was a bit more devilish. 

After the success of the Vanilla flavour, I decided that while she was happy from the first flavour to try her on the next one. Again I removed the lid and past her the pot, which has some vanilla looking yogurt within it, that I felt tricked my mum into thinking it was a lot more innocent than it was. As a fan of Oykos fruit range, I felt like my mum thought that the caramel at the bottom would be fruit, but instead what she found was not fruit at all aha. 

For some people including myself, I find salted caramel a bit of a bitter flavour, however according to my mum, the mix of the vanilla and the salted caramel caused the two to pair well and there was no bitter taste around. My mum was quick to finish the pot off and stated that she had found a new flavour to enjoy, however she did state that she preferred the vanilla flavour the most out of the two. The Oh So Devilishly Salted Caramel was a flavour in which my mum stated would be enjoyed in the evening, as it felt like an after dinner dessert that would finish a meal perfectly. 

Therefore my taster tester concluded the trial with an angelic side, as she stated that she preferred the softer vanilla flavour, that she could pour over a number of items and enjoy or on its own. She stated that the salted caramel, felt like a perfect treat in the winter, when you are seeking that something special to have on a cold winters night! 

I am definitely going to try these flavours myself lovelies and will let you know what I think, if I can get them away from my mum aha! Let me know what you think of them, and what side you are on lovelies below or on the blog’s social media pages, as I would love to know what you think about them. 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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