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Going into the cinema when I first saw this film, my childhood returned and I was converted back into a little girl. The memories came flooding back and the need to be wearing the ball gown was over the top, as I settled into my seat to watch the brand new version of ‘Cinderella’ restore my faith in fairy tales and bring back the true magic of Disney films. And I felt the exact same way when I watched the film again with the special edition DVD.

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, the film provides a modern all sides told tale of the classic fairy tale that has been made for future generations. Much like the original the film tells the story of a young girl who ends up as a servant to her wicked stepmother and stepsisters after the death of her father. However in this new version she does not shy away, she is encouraged to be courageous and that stays as the message throughout the film. Her first meeting with the prince defies anything we have ever seen before and right up until the end she is a strong character who gets her dream come true.

“Have Courage and Be Kind” is the message that Branagh and writer Chris Weitz have given this film and all of the acting follows this. Lily James who takes on the most famous princess is perfect and her gorgeous portrayal of ‘Ella’, later ‘Cinderella’, is so strong that I can see her becoming a strong figure in future films. She is everything that everyone, young or old, would be looking for in a modern day figure and she carries it off with an extraordinary amount of brilliance.

As does Cate Blanchett, who takes on the role of the wicked stepmother! From the moment you meet her right up until the end she is amazing. I don’t know who cast her but she is just incredible in this role. Her talents shine through and every line is delivered in the way in which you would expect from this character. The perfect fairy tale villain!

And as for the Prince, Richard Madden is very charming! He manages to give life to a character that hasn’t been explode much before, especially the scene with his father towards the end of the film, as it allowed him to have a back story. He wasn’t just this dream character, he was a true fighter and Madden knew exactly what to do to give this character a new modern feel that I hope will be reflected in more of the modern live action films.

The whole film was a masterpiece and I couldn’t believe the feeling I got when I watched the film, as it made me feel like I was reliving the magic of the film for the first time. At nearly 20 years old Branagh and the cast have made a film that reminds me what it is like to be young and carefree when watching a film. As soon as ‘Once Upon A Dream’ kicks in, you are transformed back into the world of princesses and I cannot wait to see the way in which they make more.

This one has given a modern touch to the princess who has been inspiring people for a long time. No more is she afraid and timid, but a princess who people can look up to and enjoy watching as she conquers the world that is being created around her. She allows audiences to see the power that they have inside and the message that is carried throughout the film is something that many films could learn from because it allowed for a new feel that was different to others to be presented.

Therefore ‘Cinderella’ will be going to the ball with this…

5 Stars

'Cinderella' will be out on Disney Blu-Ray and DVD for the 24TH August lovelies!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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