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I have some release/ feature news to share with all of you now, about a show that changed the world! From the moment it began until the moment it ended, everyone watched ‘Glee’ at some point and fell in love with it, which is why so many celebrities wanted to join in the fun. 

And to celebrate the upcoming release of season six, I wanted to share with all of you this brand new feature about some of the best celebrity appearances that have taken to it lovelies! 

I will admit that I didn’t write it lovelies, because I think the writer deserves the credit, as it is brilliant lovelies and I hope that you all enjoy it. 

Time to sing along with these stars…

Back in 2008 Journey was still a distant memory but now, six seasons later and more covers, mash-ups and high notes than we can remember a cultural phenomenon is coming to a close. While it is the final curtain call for Lea Michele and rest of the Glee Club, who are now firmly, established as much loved household names, we mustn’t forget that they weren’t the only stars of the show. 

Everyone remembers Brad Pitt joining Friends for Thanksgiving dinner, and Professor Stephen Hawking making an appearance in The Big Bang Theory - cameos can make television history. The New Directions were the heart of Glee but many familiar faces strutted down the McKinley High corridors, adding an extra sparkle and a touch of magic as they went. The A-List celebrities just couldn’t keep away. 

So to celebrate the release of Glee: Season 6 on DVD on 24th of August, we take a walk down memory lane and gleek out at the best guest stars that graced our screens throughout all six seasons of Glee. 

1. Neil Patrick Harris –  A storyline of bitter rivalry that culminated in a heart stopping duet – no doubt  very common in the world of  musical theatre . What more can you want? Well nothing, except Neil Patrick Harris being our best friend, but that’s probably asking a bit too much. 

2. Kate Hudson – Four seasons in and Kate Hudson stormed the opening episode as, what else but an alcoholic dance instructor, whipping the cast into shape with pop-culture-filled, cruelly sharp dialogue. 

3. Gwyneth Paltrow – This Oscar winner came into Glee radiating sunshine as substitute teacher Holly Holliday. A relationship with Will Schuester, an unforgettable rendition of Forget You, and a couple of reappearances later, and Gwyneth established herself as the most loved Glee cameo of all time. 

4. Britney – With our favourite cheerleader named Brittany S Pierce, and an entire episode called Britney/Brittany, it was bound to happen… but who knew it would do so in a puff of gas and air, mid-way through a hallucination!

5. Sarah Jessica Parker – Glee couldn’t relocate to New York  without involving SJP somehow, and what better way to include her than as a Vogue Editor, displaying great chemistry with Kurt (Chris Colfer).

6. Helen Mirren – Perhaps not one we’d expect when it comes to Glee cameos - although not in the show physically she provided the voice for the more regal than most inner monologue of Becky. 

7. Idina Menzel – We can’t totally credit the production team for this guest star - so many Gleeks commented on how similar Idina and Lea Michele look that they requested her presence in the show as Rachel Berry’s mother

8. Matt Bomer – Starring as Blaine’s (Darren Criss) big brother, it was a treat for the eyes and the ears when Matt rocked up in McKinley High.

9. Kristin Chenowith – Another guest star favourite like Paltrow, Kristin kept reappearing on the show as alcoholic songstress April Rhodes. Regardless of how little sense it made to have her in the storylines, your heart would still skip a beat when she sang.

10. Lindsay Lohan – Appearing as a judge at the Nationals competition in Chicago, she was beautifully witty, self-deprecating and even referenced her own attempts at a career comeback.

The show will be out on DVD from the 24th August lovelies! 

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