Hey Lovelies, 

Any of you amazing lovelies that read my book page, which is just above, on the blog, know exactly how I felt when I read the book, ‘Me Before You’, after my friend Issy told me to pick up the book, because it completely destroyed my life for a couple of days, as it was so good that when it ended I didn’t know what to do with myself and therefore my review of it was very emotional aha! 

Therefore it brings me great joy to announce along with Penguin, that the sequel to the book, ‘After You’ will be out very shortly on the 24th September in the UK and on the  29th September in the US lovelies, and to prepare us this time, the first chapter of the book has been released for you all to read here:

Following on from the incredible 2012 book, the new novel shares with us readers what has been happening in Louisa’s life since we last left her and impact in which Will left on her life, as a new chapter in her story opens up and it comes with a lot of questions, as she asks how she ended up working at an airport bar, owning a flat she can’t call home, if her family will ever forgive her for what happened and if she will ever get over the love of her life. 

While she is unsure of how to answer them, she is sure that her life must change, starting with the stranger on her doorstep who holds all of the answers she is looking for, or possible even more questions, as she risks everything with them to make sure she keeps her promise to live. 

Me Before You was such an amazing book lovelies and I am really looking forward to seeing the film adaptation of it next year starring my favourite Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke, so make sure to pick up both that book and the new one here lovelies: to be prepare, because you definitely will need to be lovelies! 

I had a little read of this chapter and I honestly do need to prepare for this! I didn’t realise I needed to so much, but honestly that book has changed my life! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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