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The film world is definitely not dying down today lovelies and those twins and their film are spoiling us today, as it has been announced that to work alongside the film ‘Legend’, a brand new exhibition has been created to provide us with an inside look at the twins! 

Based in the East End of London, at 135 Bethnal Green Road, the exhibition ‘Legend of the East End’ will be open from the 28th August - 11th September lovelies, and will allow us to see how the East End has changed throughout the years, as it includes Photograph’s created by Don McCullin, Brian Duffy, Steven Berkoff, and Jocelyn Bain Hogg, all of which bringing the Kray’s to life, as they show what the city was like during the 60s, the time in which they ran London.

Created by Studiocanal, the exhibition will be free for all of those to enter it throughout the week and weekend, and will also include pieces provided by Getty Images and the Museum of London, as well as artefacts, the Kray twins suits, childhood images, a recreation of the Kray’s living room, items from the film, film stills, a 15 minute featurette and a number of film quotes. 

You lovelies will also be treated to a special map created to celebrate the event and an online version of it as well, as has teamed up with the event to provide an interactive version of it, highlighting key areas and film knowledge! 

Ronnie Kray once said: “They were the best years of our lives.   They called them the swinging sixties.  The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were rulers of pop music, Carnaby Street ruled the fashion world, and me and my brother ruled London.”  

So don’t miss out on this free exhibition while it is in town lovelies! 

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Joey X

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