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‘A Little Chaos’ was a film that many people were not sure of, but fell in love with and I was one of those people when I watched it for the first time recently! While I wasn’t sure what to expect I found the romantic period piece that I found to be a light film to watch. 

Starring Kate Winslet and Alan Rickman, the film takes audiences back to the reigning era of King Louis XIV of France, who is seeking to bring to life the gardens within Versailles. Hiring the incredible gardener played by Winslet, the film deepens into a love story that blooms on its own with a few comedic moments that you would expect from Rickman in his pieces. 

Throughout Winslet’s likeable character is one of strong will against a whole kingdom and the power presented in her portrayal has come not only from her acting but from the way in which her character has been written for her. The people behind her lines and actions are able to make a female character who dominates the screen and makes you want to watch on to see how her life and relationships will continue. 

And the same is said for Matthias Schoenaerts character, who is a key male figure in the love story who is able to bring Winslet’s character back to life by the end of the film, in moments that could have ruined the lightness of it by being too dark for the intended audiences. 

A key element though that may stand out to audiences the most is the films beautiful landscape. If there is any reason other than the story to watch this film then it has to be the amazing settings and flower pieces that are presented within the film. 

Much of it was shot in the UK or surrounding countries and the charm in each place is really brought to life on screen. Every prop and flower has been carefully selected and placed into the scenes and moments to match the moods and tones of the acting on screen, which as a viewer you catch on to quickly and become familiar with. You start to seek them to see the tone of each scene in fact by the end of the film. 

However these is a little problem with the film and this, because while looking for the mood you can see that the film does drag on a bit in places and the story could have been cut down to smaller scenes in places to piece together a more well drawn out film. 

Overall though the film is an enjoyable piece that will bring the summer holiday vibe into your home when you sit down to watch it. The colours and storyline reflect each other and the way in which they have done this so cleverly behind the scenes is a joy to watch. 

And therefore there is no chaos with this…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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