Hey Lovelies, 

A few weeks ago someone reached out to the blog on Twitter and I am so grateful that they did, because it was about a feature film in which they had created and as someone who is passionate about all sides of the film industry I wanted to watch it and see what this talented person had created. 

‘A Dozen Summers’ is a new children’s comedy from director Kenton Hall, who has acted in a number of big films lovelies, while working on this project and the story follows the life’s of two girls both aged 12 as they take over the making of a film while battling the normal school children aspects of their lives. 

With some big names and familiar faces in the film, it is a light hearted piece that makes you smile often as you see the way in which the characters change and develop, all the while making the audience do the same thing as the film allows your inner child to come out and enjoy the film as well. 

It has been made with care and with honesty that the whole family can enjoy and it reminds you of the mad family life in which everyone has. However the most likable aspect of the whole thing is the way in which the film industry has influenced so many to get creative. 

While watching it I felt like many others would watch it and become inspired by the work that was not only done to make the film lovelies, but the work in which the girls do on screen to try and complete their film as well. Everyone has a role in each other’s movies and the girls on screen are making sure that their family and their roles are caught. 

Therefore I have to say that from watching the film I was so happy that it was brought to my attention and that I was given the chance to see it before its release, so that I could tell you all about it! 

I would definitely give the film…

4 Stars 

If you would like to capture the film lovelies then it will be out for limited release from the 21st August lovelies, so have a look at your local cinema to see if you can catch it there or have a look online to see where it is showing closets to you. The film will also be out on the 15th August lovelies on DVD!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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