Hey Lovelies, 

It has come to the end of the blog posts for today I think lovelies, as I am getting so hot and I think the film world is getting extremely hot that it is going to have to have a cool down aha! I am also going to a pub quiz tonight, so wish my team luck lovelies! 

But before I go I have to share with all of you the biggest news of today and that is of course the release news! And there has been a lot! 

So let’s start with the latest news from Hasbro, who have announced that they will be releasing ‘My Little Pony: A Canterlot Wedding’ on DVD and digitally from the 17th August lovelies! 

Following the land of Equestria, the film sees the horse preparing for the royal wedding of the year, apart from Twilight Sparkle, who is upset that she was the last to know about her brother’s wedding. Travelling to the event, she is worried about the way in which his future wife is behaving and is concerned that something is wrong with her. And therefore she decides to stop the wedding.

Catch it soon lovelies!

The next release stars Katherine Heigl and Ben Barnes, in ‘Love Me Like You Do’ which is out digitally from the 17th August and on DVD from the 24th August. 

In this new romantic comedy, the film follows Ryan, who is a busker on the streets as he meets Jackie, a former pop star who is now struggling as a single mum. However when they join musical forces, they create a great team together, which calls for a great soundtrack in the film. 

As for the next release, it comes from Kaleidoscope Entertainment, who has announced the release of ‘Fighting Demons’ on DVD and digitally from the 6th July lovelies! 

And finally the next release I have to share stars Idris Elba, in ‘Second Coming’ which will be out on DVD on the 6th July as well lovelies! 

So have a look out for all of these very soon! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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