Hey Lovelies, 

With all of the film goodness that has been released today I have only just got round to sharing with all of you the best news of all, the release news! Oh yes it is that time again, so get ready! 

Because the BBC and Acorn Label, have announced that they will be releasing the new Agatha Christie’s based TV series ‘Partners In Crime’ on DVD from the 31st August lovelies! 

Starring David Walliams and Jessica Raine, the show follows a husband and wife team, as they work together in 1950s London, trying to uncover a number of crimes and murders, including the disappearance of a girl on a train in which they are on, which leads them to a soviet assassin. As well as searching for the person who has stolen a nuclear bomb in a later episode in the series.

This is not one to be missed lovelies! Especially with the upcoming release of 'And Then There Were None' on the 19th January!

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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