Hey Lovelies, 

This week, on Tuesday in fact, I turned 20 and while I took the day off blogging to celebrate, I wanted to still celebrate the day with all of you, so I thought the perfect way to do that would be to celebrate with this new Birthday tag, because it is a bit of fun. 

I am going to do a blog post on everything I got soon lovelies, because I wanted to use the chance to say thank you to everyone who got me a gift and I find that I actually remember to pick things up or look things up when I see them on others aha. 

I hope you all like this post and thank you for being such an amazing bunch around the day, I had a brilliant time and bring on being 20…

What Month Is Your Birthday?
My birthday is July, it was this week lovely! Tuesday was party day!

What Is Your Birth-Stone? (Include A Picture!)
It is Ruby, although someone tried to say it wasn’t red in a jewellery store, but it was lovelies aha! 

Have You Had A Party?
I didn’t have a party, but I did have a baking/BBQ day, that was a bit like ‘The Box’ and the ‘GGBO’ lovelies with all of my friends. 

What Was Your Favourite Present Ever?
Oh my this is hard! I have ones that are really special to me like my cardboard cut-out that I was given by my friends, because it really made me laugh but then I also have the ring my mum and dad gave me on my 18th that I never take off. 

Do You Know Of A Flower Or Plant That Blooms In Your Birth-Month?
Not a clue aha! All I know is that I really like Sunflowers and Daisies, which both bloom in the summer. 

 Do You Know Of Anyone Famous Who You Share Your Birthday With?
The main guy from ‘Lost’, I think his name is Matthew Fox and Sue from ‘Glee’! Two huge figures in TV aha! 

Have You Ever Met Anyone Who Shared Your Birthday?
I have! Me and one of my friends at school, Jason, share our birthday and have nicknamed each other Twins because of it. 

What Month And Day Would You Love To Have Your Birthday On?
I quite like my birthday, it is unique in some aspects, because it is a day of celebration in some countries and I was born on my due date, which not many people can say, so I don’t really think there is another day I would like. 

Name Three Things You’d Love to Receive as a Gift.
Oh! There are so many different things, but right now I would like a ticket to Comic Con with a guaranteed seat and meet with the ‘Hunger Games’ cast aha, a Burberry coat and an ultimate plane ticket to any country! Not much then aha! 

Anything Random Concerning Birthdays (Or Anything Else) That You’d Like To Mention?
Nope! Just thanks mum and dad for having me.

Thank you so much again everyone for another amazing year and let’s continue to celebrate the amazing film world for another year lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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