Hey Lovelies,

With the weeks going by, the weather is getting hotter, the trousers are turning to shorts, the skin is turning brown or red in some naughty cases and the world is getting happier, because summer has arrived and I am one of those people that just adores it.

I was born in the summer and as soon as it reaches the season I just find myself in such a lighter happier mood, because everyone else is just out and about and always seeming happy. For me summer is all about BBQ’s and sun screen, however there is a lot more that makes my summer and so I wanted to do this tag on it. I hope you all like it and please take it for your blog’s or Youtube channels, as I tag all of you!

Summer has finally arrived lovelies…

Question 1: What is the best part of summer time?
For me it is all about the people and the way everyone reacts in summer. I never see anyone looking unhappy and when I go out and see everyone out and about in the sun, I just love it. Especially London in the sun!

Question 2: Do you tan or burn?
I normally burn a little bit or go really red, even though I have put on sun screen and then go really brown. My legs never tan though! Pale as always!

Question 3: Favourite summer nail polish?
I can’t paint my nails so they are normally never painted, but if they are I like to have them painted a grey or pale blue in summer. I don’t know why but I do aha.

Question 4: Favourite summer drink/beverage?
It used to be Kopparberg, when I drank alcohol but now it is just really natural fruity cold water. There is nothing like ice cold water on a hot day.

Question 5: Favourite summer clothing item?
Shorts! Hands down has to be shorts, even though I am pale, I will not let it put me off wearing my favourite item of clothing when I can.

Question 6: Favourite current phone app during this summer?
Instagram! Everyone’s hot sunny photos make me sooooo happy!

Question 7: Favourite summer movie?
Oh this is hard! I don’t really know! I think it will have to be ‘Almost Famous’ because it reminds me of festival season and the love of music that everyone has in the summer.

Question 8: Favourite summer beauty product?
Sun cream! I don’t wear makeup as I can’t be bothered to put it on or take it off, so it has to be sun cream, because I love the smell. It is like summer wrapped up in a bottle.

Question 9: Favourite summer activity?
BBQ’s! Or playing sport in a big field with everyone. I also love the cinema in the summer, because everyone just looks so happy to be out of the sun and enjoying the summer blockbusters.

Question 10: Favourite type of lip product for the summer time?
This coconut lip balm I have from boots. It is in a weird bottle type thing and I am not sure of the brand, but I love it.

And there you have it lovelies, my summer holidays all wrapped up in one little place! I will be back next week with another tag lovelies!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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