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After working on the film ‘The Voices’ for a number of months before its release, I was excited to finally get the chance to see the film that I had been speaking to you all about for a long time. It was definitely a film that I was a little confused about, but once I got watching it that feeling left me and I found myself enjoying it a lot. 

Ryan Reynolds plays Jerry, a man who decides to not take his medication, causing hallucinations to appear who are trying to tempt him to do the good and bad things in life, including killing the members of his office and storing their body parts in the fridge. 

Reynolds provides an incredible performance within the film, which is still comical, but also completely different to what he has shown before on the big screen. He has taken on board everything about the character and the way he interacts with those around him and developed it into a figure who you really feel for. 

His actions are of course terrible and there are moments were you hope that he never does what you know he is going to do, but when he does you can automatically see the two sides of him battling himself and that is an interesting aspect to explore on the big screen. Especially with the use of his pets to tell him what to do, as many people turn to their animals in times of need. 

However it isn’t just Reynolds though who performs brilliantly in this film, but also that of his characters victims, as Gemma Arterton’s Fiona is a fun figure who makes the plot of the film a lot more complicated and develops Reynolds character a lot more with her tempting ways. Her death is the most brutal and the way in which it is played out is the most shocking aspect of the film, but once that is over the character develops into something different and someone who I imagine was a fun character to play, because she is a very interesting and fun character on screen. 

As is Anna Kendrick’s character, who comes onto the scene and turns it around again with her unexpected ways and emotions towards what she finds in the fridge, that is not the home of foods by the way lovelies. 

Throughout the real charm of this film though is the way in which the filmmakers have been able to tackle the illness that is played out on screen. While there are moments that are not always believable the character’s illness is treated still with a delicate manner, that makes you want to help him when he commits the acts he does. And that is an interesting emotion as a viewer witnessing the acts in which he is doing. 

Therefore due to the brilliant acting and clever filmmaking that is full of twists and turns, I am listening to the voices and giving this voice…

4 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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