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A few weeks ago I stumbled upon the TV show ‘The Royals’ and while I really shouldn’t have I loved it! It was one of those shows that sucks you in and made you want to know more and more about the royal family in the show, that I don’t think would ever be like that in real life. However you never know! 

From the moment the series begins, the plot shows the downfall of every character and the struggles in which they are faced with, as the king decides to try and abolish them with a vote by the public. However with an evil queen on the throne, it becomes a cat and mouse game that ends in tragedy for many of the younger royals including Prince Liam and Prince Eleanor. 

While it is very much a show that goes over the top a number of times in the first hour and continues to do so for much of the rest, there is something about it that makes it so watchable. The reason I found it to be is that it was interesting to think what the country would be like if it was really ran like this. Probably a nightmare! 

Each character is very different and from the first moment you start watching, you automatically know who you are going to love and who you are going to hate, which includes the Queen played by Liz Hurley. Her character is an utter bitch and there is no moment within the series that ease her up and make her likable. 

The characters however that you likable are the prince and princess, who are both played by actors who have worked to make them fun and kind of real. Prince Liam who is played by a familiar face in the form of William Moseley, does have his cheesy moments, but he is very likable as he takes on the responsibilities of the family home while battling a love triangle, that his mother continues to get in the middle of. 

Yet he isn’t the most likable character, oh no, this comes in the form of Princess Eleanor played by Alexandra Park, who manages to create a rock and roll princess, who while she is mad and crazy for most of the show, manages to keep the most sane act by the end of it. Her story is fun and her life is one that makes you laugh and then completely change and feel for her throughout. 

Therefore due to their acting and the way in which you want to follow the younger members of the family throughout the ridiculous plot, that only gets bad when the older figures come on screen, I have to say that ‘The Royals’ is an addictive watch, that is so bad it is good. 

And I am crowning it with this…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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