Hey Lovelies,

Earlier this week I was kindly invited to experience the new cinema pop up at the Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre that has been created by Cornetto and tonight I went along and experienced all of the fun! 

I have never been to any cinematic event like this and Cornetto have really thought about the way in which they can give those of us a new cinema experience because the amount of care that has gone into everything can be seen from the moment in which you walk into the building.

Built like an old school classic cinema, me and my mum were welcomed with sweets, Cornetto's and drinks at the door while we waited for the next screening to begin.

Looking around in the foyer, you could see where the team at Cornetto had thought of ways to bring the cinema experience to life and this was due to the ticket booth, which I loved, because it was so much more classic and vintage compared to cinema ticket booths that you find now. 

Once the first screening was over, we were handed head phones which would immerse us into the world of the film and make us aware of the sounds and voices throughout as if they were talking to us or like we were part of the film. 

We were guided through everything in which we needed to do during the film, which included turning the sound up or down to fit us and using the on and off switch to change the character which we could do at a later stage in the film. 

Once we were ready we were lead into the cinema, which again had been given a vintage feel as it was created to look like theatres and cinemas from the silent era, which I also loved because I think those kinds of cinemas have their own feel about them. 

From the moment you walk in you are part of the film, as the voices begin in your headphones talking like people do at the cinema and the characters sound like they are looking for places to sit before the film begins. 

Once the lights went down though this is when the real action started, as the characters arrived on screen. Switching between different viewpoints and with the characters points of view and inner thoughts being revealed, the film shows the two different sides of emotions in teenage love and the characters within them. 

The second act leads you into a path of confusion for the characters, as it moves to being set in their school library and their friends thoughts are added into the mix. This is in fact where the film becomes really immersive! 

As the characters talk about the fact that they have seen a scary film the lights flicker and the screen goes black, causing the most incredible thing to happen as the screen moves and the film comes to life with the actors you have just witnessed on it coming out of the screen to act out the next moments, leading the audience into new cinematic territory.

The final act is by far the best and I loved how much fun it seemed for not only all of the audiences but everyone who was in the film. They made the idea of the film so much more and I think anyone who isn't a film lover would be converted by watching this immersive atmosphere.

This is in fact also the part where you can change characters voices in your head. You can pick who you would like to follow in the last act and make sure that you are able to catch every moment of their story; however this does make you want to go in again to see what you missed from the other characters POV aha! 

As the film comes to an end you have to smile because in the time it takes from the film to begin to the moment it ends you just love it! You feel happier coming out and it is honestly a perfect new summer cinema experience that I think the whole family would enjoy! 

Upon leaving the experience I wanted to go and watch it again almost automatically, so I will probably being making a second visit aha, because it is just such a cool and interesting idea that I have never experienced or witnessed before. It is definitely different to 4D if you were wondering by the way aha! 

After the film had ended we were guided out of the cinema and I was very kindly handed this gift box full of amazing cinema treats that I will be sure to use when I next host a film night round mine, which will no doubt be very soon aha.

The whole night was amazing and as a film fan and blogger I cannot encourage you enough to go and enjoy this lovelies! It is free and will be there until the (Update!) 7th August lovelies so try and pop along if you can! 

I would just like to say a really huge thank you to Cornetto and Golin PR for inviting me and the car service you provided to bring me to the event, it was honestly brilliant and my mum who is not a huge film fan really enjoyed it to! It topped off a perfect birthday week and I am definitely going to go back and have another go at it! Thank you! 

Lovelies you should definitely go and experience the two sides to the Cornetto love story at their new cinema now! Go on aha! 

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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