Hey Lovelies,

As many of you may have seen or heard me going on about it aha, my birthday was on Tuesday and I am now officially in my twenties! Well I am only twenty, but I think that counts aha! Any way I thought it might be a nice idea to share with you all what I did on the day and how I spent it.

Weirdly every year I mostly cry on my birthday, for no reason, I am not unhappy or anything like that, my body just decides at some point during the day it wants to cry. But this year I didn’t cry, whoop whoop! I woke up in such a good childlike mood and decided that I wanted to spend the day being a big kid. So I did!

At around 8:30am, my mum came in and woke me up, because we were leaving to go to London early and also I think she wanted to see me open my presents. One thing I had requested this year from her was a big fruit salad, as I am trying to eat healthy and I don’t really like cake. And boy did she deliver! When I walked downstairs this is what I found…

And it was so good! It took me about 35 to 40 minutes to eat it all aha, because I had to keep taking breaks, but I did do it lovelies!

After I had finished breakfast I opened my cards and my mum and dad out did themselves again, as they got me a LEGO birthday cake, a Thor cuddly toy and a Groot birthday card! I was having a happy Marvel morning by this point aha.

Soon we were off out and into London were we decided to do a spot of shopping and because I was having a child like day, I decided the place to go would be the Disney Store, where as I was modelling a Thor hoodie (Quite a theme!) a lovely sales lady saw I was wearing a birthday badge (You just have to!) and asked me to follow her.

Downstairs, unknown to me, they have set up a birthday celebration, where the whole store sings to you! It was so funny and cute and I at first while I was embarrassed I can now look back and have a laugh at that moment. The team all gathered around and sang to me before handing me a few cute presents which I was not expecting.

Once I had got over this I was back out shopping again, before we decided to head to Leicester Square for a spot of dinner at Chiquitos, which as a health weirdo I made healthy by changing a lot of the menu aha!

After the meal we headed to the theatre to catch the show Sunny Afternoon, which I was so excited to see and have since not stopped singing the songs from, because they are so catchy. It was the perfect show to end the perfect day and I am definitely going to go and watch it again before it leaves London, hopefully on the floor this time so I can dance with the cast and members at the end.

Turning 20 was not scary but a lot of fun and I had the best day ever on Tuesday! I would love to redo it all over again and now my 21st is going to have to be even bigger to beat it aha! Maybe a trip to Disney could be the way forward aha!

Happy Birthday to you to if you had yours on Tuesday as well! I hope you had a great day!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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