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Now this new film is one for music and film lovelies to get lost in and appreciate, because the amazing band Arcade Fire have announced that they will be releasing their first ever feature film lovelies! 

Directed by Kahil Joseph, the film ‘The Reflektor Tapes’, takes audiences inside the making of the bands album Relektor, allowing fans of the music to experience the album in a unique cinematic way, as it takes them through to a visual kaleidoscopic landscape piece. 

From the moments in which the band travel to find inspiration to the live shows that take place after, the film will allow fans who went to the concerts to relive it again, all while they get to learn about the band as well, with interviews and never before seen footage, which features songs that have never been aired before.  

Speaking about their new film, Arcade Fire said: “There were parts of the Reflektor tour where I think we, Arcade Fire, came the closest in our careers to putting on stage what we imagined in our heads. We were insanely lucky to have Kahlil Joseph documenting from the very beginning."

The film will be out on the 24th September lovelies for a limited time only, and to mark the announcement they have released the new video for their song ‘Porno’, which you can watch here lovelies…

UPDATE: It has been announced today that the film will premiere at the 2015 Toronto Film Festival on the 12th September lovelies! Look out for it if you are attending the event! 

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