Hey Lovelies, 

Each week when it comes to writing the tag posts I always start thinking of the weird and wonderful things in which I can focus the posts on and this week’s one is going to be a little bit of a fun one, because I wanted to take the serious posts I have done the last couple of weeks and change them up a bit. 

So today we will be staying in a personal world, but with a bit more fun and a lot more interesting things I hope, as I let you all into my personal world just a little bit more lovelies. And I tag all of you lovelies in it to complete it to aha! 

Enjoy getting to know me a little bit more lovelies…

What Do You Order At Starbucks?
I don’t really go to Starbucks, as I don’t drink coffee, but if I went I would probably have a fancy green tea, as I am obsessed with them at the moment. 

What's One Thing In Your Closet You Can't Live Without?
My slogan t-shirts, I am obsessed with them and have a load, because I think a t-shirt with a great image or saying can not only make your day but someone else’s as well lovelies. 

What's One Thing That Most People Don't Know About You?
I wasn’t really sure what to say here, so it took me a while, but I think one thing people don’t know about me is that I find it very hard to trust people and it takes me a while to do so. However I am working on changing this lovelies!

What's One Thing You Want To Do Before You Die?
I want to travel the world, especially America. I was speaking with my friend the other day and we have decided to maybe go on a road trip when we can afford it lovelies aha! I would also love to go to Cannes Film Festival before I die. 

What's One Food You Can't Live Without?
Pasta! I am obsessed with it! I think it all comes down to my Italian roots, but I am one of those people that will just eat the whole lot if it is put in front of me. Especially Lasagne!  

What's One Quote That You Live Your Life By?
“Be Kind To Those On The Way Up Because You Might Meet Them On The Way Down”, which I heard a while ago and I have loved since, because it is so true and I love the meaning behind it. 

What's Your Number 1 Song On Your iPod/iTunes?  
Oh my! I can’t pick, but I have a number of favourites that I always turn to when I need them and so I would say that they are my number one. Just don’t ask me to name them all because there are a lot aha! 

What Kind Of Style Would You Describe Yourself As Having?
Comfy but quirky and girly, I think, as I am always changing my style and wearing what I like and want to wear, as I am so bad at staying with the trends at times. 

Favourite Number? 
3 or 7, odd numbers for an odd person!

Two Hobbies?
Blogging and watching films! I find blogging so relaxing and often turn to it throughout the day if I need something creative to do and I can always be found watching a film aha, as I always want to know what people are talking about and falling in love with. 

Two Pet Peeves?
Noisy eaters and rude people! I can’t stand the noise some people make when eating and I think this has come from getting the train to university aha, and I think rude people are just wrong anyway, because there is no need to be rude and people should think of how they can upset someone else by being so. 

Your Guilty Pleasure?
I love really cheesy teenage films! I am not even ashamed aha! I will sit and watch something with a ton of cheese and cringe back in my seat, but absolutely love it at the same time aha! 

And there we have it lovelies! Have fun doing this tag lovelies and I will be back next week with another one for you all to enjoy! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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