Hey Lovelies, 

This week I was thinking about who I wanted to feature as this week’s Film Works and I decided that after this week, which has been crazy busy for them I imagine, I wanted to feature and thank the amazing team at Golin. 

Last Christmas, when I was getting the gift guide ready, I wanted to feature a company and when I spoke to them, they passed me over to Golin and since then I have been working with them on a number of fun things that have led to some amazing experiences and moments for me that I will never forget. One of them being the Cornetto event I went to a few weeks ago lovelies and loved every moment of. 

I have met a number of people in the team and each one of them is so lovely and they are always happy whenever I see them. Each team member is always willing to help me when I ask stupid questions or have an queries and they work to fit not only the needs of the companies they work with but also your needs, because they are a company that makes sure everyone is happy with what they are doing. 

Golin have companies all over the world, but the UK team are the ones in which I have met and worked with lovelies and I am so happy that I have. Not because of the experiences or moments that have come from it, which have been amazing, but because they are just such a nice group of people, who I am proud to say I can help and the way in which they treat me is nice to see. 

The company works with a number of big brands and when they think something would be good to mention on the blog or that they think I can work with on the blog then I am happy to mention it, because I know that when I change certain things to work with the world of film they will never be unhappy with the way I have done it and have allowed me to do it many a times now lovelies. 

For me though the real reason I wanted to share Golin with you lovelies though, is really just to say a massive thank you to the company! From the moment we have met they have allowed me to experience some great things, go to some amazing places and bring along friends and family as well, which I am now sure many of them have met my mum aha! 

I have had some life changing or once in a lifetime moments because of the company, such as going to the penthouse of the Dorchester hotel, which would never have happened without them and I am so grateful for each moment, because it is always something new and different, that I can go on and tell people about with a smile on my face, because I have always had an amazing time when with the team celebrating a huge moment for someone. 

However it isn’t just these moments that make it so great and that isn’t the only reason, because I also wanted to feature them to say thank you for bringing some fun and different elements to the blog, as they work with so many different people and each of them fits and works with the blog to give you lovelies something a little different, but definitely fun lovelies. 

Therefore I would like to thank Golin for allowing me to blog for them and for allowing me to be able to go to the events and to meet such a brilliant team of people! I am so grateful and I hope we can continue to work together for a long time to come. 

I will be back next week lovelies with even more film work’s posts! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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