Hey Lovelies, 

For the past week I have been thinking about what I would like to do for this week’s film works and who I would like to feature this week, and it came to my attention that I have never thanked the people or channel that has provided me with the OSCARs footage that has allowed me to blog and tweet throughout the night lovelies, as well as enjoying a very special event early on in my blogging experience, and that is the incredible Sky Movies.

 Each year I settle down on my sofa with my laptop and lots of tea to get me through the night, as I live tweet and blog the OSCARs ceremony, which Sky Movies have been able to share with all of us in the UK for the past couple of years and I cannot thank them enough. Throughout awards season I have met people and spoken to people about what we are seeing that I would not have spoken to without Sky Movies.

The film provider always have a film on that will make you want to not move for hours because you just have to watch it and that is how I often find myself. I love the ease of access and the fun ways in which Sky have been able to give viewers an aspect that disappeared for a while. The adverts are able to make me happy and they are one of the adverts I always look out for at Christmas in fact, because I know that they will add a bit of film magic to the screen.

And as I stated before Sky Movies, were also one of the first companies who allowed me to take you all on a very fun and exciting experience lovelies, very early on in my blogging career. Thanks to them I took part in a James Bond marathon along with a load of fun writers and journalists, which I am so proud to have done, even if I was not there for very long, due to my horrible train journey home.

They made sure we were comfortable, well feed, and ready to stick out the night and I will never be able to forget the way in which they looked after me at such a young age. I was treated like royalty because of them and they never made me feel like I should not be there, but in fact as the only girl that was at the event, that they wanted me there a lot.

And that is now how I feel when I use their service, especially during the award season, because I know that they want the film fans to be able to watch the show and to enjoy it along with the rest of the world. They provide us with inside knowledge, up to date information and stream the service along with America, meaning we don’t miss anything that you lovelies in the US may be seeing, which is very helpful nowadays with Twitter aha!

Sky Movies for me is like a big warm hug and I always want to know what the service is going to be working on next or what films they will be bringing to the service, because it seems like everything they are planning is something that we never expect, such as the Disney party that was held and was just incredible!

Therefore when I was thinking of who to feature on this week’s film works I had to feature them, because without Sky Movies I would not be able to blog the huge award shows that I do or to tweet throughout some of the films in which I am getting stuck into on most week nights. For me though one really special moment is the way in which they treated me at the event I went to and  I honestly cannot thank them enough for it. I will always be grateful! So thank you so much Sky Movies! And keep being so great!

I will be back next week lovelies with even more film works news!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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