Hey Lovelies, 

Last year’s film ‘’71’ was one of my favourites, so after researching ‘Hyena’ and finding out a lot about it, I was interested in seeing if this could be the film that is this years ‘’71’, however what I found was while it didn’t match up much it was definitely a film to hook you in. 

The police drama that evolves within the film is an interesting take on the dangers in which members of the force take and the mind sets in which they process throughout those times. It is a hard to follow piece at times, because sometimes it is hard to follow the characters due to the darkness in which they have placed themselves in. 

But it doesn’t put you off watching. In fact it makes you want to watch on more, because you want to come to an understanding with the characters as the film goes on and the way in which they are on screen. 

Throughout the acting is presented in an amazing way and the leads all know how to give the audience what they want, because they are allowed to show the true emotions that they are feeling. And you join in with them while they are doing it. 

Therefore I am giving the film…

3 Stars 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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