Hey Lovelies, 

When ‘Focus’ came out in cinemas I kept saying I was going to see it, but then blogging and life got a little bit too much and I found out that I had missed my chance when I finally went. So with the home release now coming out soon, I was happy to finally get the chance to watch it and I was not disappointed at all. 

Based around the world of con artists and the methods in which they are willing to go to, to get the items in which they intend to steal, the film follows Will Smith’s character Nicky and his fellow con artist Jess, played by Margot Robbie, as he trains her to become a skilled figure, before she goes off on her. However when they come back together a few years later, she has run up a problem and Nicky is left facing a problem of his own as she shows just how skilled she has become in the game. 

Throughout the film Smith and Robbie are a brilliant pairing and the way in which they bounce off each other to present the dark underworld in which they are in, is a fun and daring world, that hasn’t been tackled with such skill in a long time. There characters are ones who adapt to the different scenarios in which they are placed in world and you feel as a viewer as if you are being sneaky with them as you watched them commit acts that they should not be doing. 

There is a thrill to the film that viewers will find interesting to feel when it is not placed in an action packed film. The chase has been created by the filmmakers and they make sure that you will want to continue to watch on and enjoy it throughout. 

Continuously the filmmakers have made a subject and given it an interesting and sophisticated look that many audiences will be able to enjoy and that is a nice thing to find. It isn’t a new genre, but the way in which they have tackled it and the look in which they have given it definitely is. 

And the actors in which they have got to do this are probably the best selections in a long time for a cast in a film, because they have taken two very skilled people and placed them in roles that they can develop and make into something great that viewers will definitely love. 

The laughs and serious moments are provided by this skill and the film needs this to work and to be the success in which people are looking for when they sit down and watch the film. You can see as a viewer that they have learnt the skill behind the con artist label and they haven’t just been placed in a room and made to look like they know nothing. They have given the characters life and they have done it in a very incredible manner that makes this film so likeable.

However I do have to bring up some of the ridiculous moments within the film, which comes in the form of the ending of the film. It ends on a completely anti-climactic level that may not be the satisfaction for many viewers, as it failed to hook me in. While all the moments in the film work, they make out like will lead to a big ending, but however they don’t and that is where the film has its downfall. 

Therefore with all aspects of the film taken into account, while the plot and acting is very on form and enjoyable, it should have led to a more conclusive and fun ending to the one in which audiences were given. 

So I am staining focused and given the film…

4 Stars 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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