Hey Lovelies, 

There has been so many posts already today, but right now I have some of the best news around! Oh yes it is time for the release news post and I am sure that you are all going to love this one lovelies, especially if you are a horror film fan! 

Because Metrodome have announced that they will be releasing, ‘Bait’, a brand new horror film from Dominic Brunt on home release from the 7th September lovelies! 

Following Bex and Dawn, the film sees the pair trapped in their lives, as their dream of owning an upmarket café  is continuously stopped, as people refuse to help loan them the money to get the business started. 

Until they meet Jeremy, a businessman, who offers to help them. However it isn’t long before they start to see through him and his plan, as they discover he is a loan shark who tortures those who own him money, when they are unable to give it back and Bex and Dawn soon learn that they could be next. 

Have a look out for this horror piece very soon lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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