Hey Lovelies, 

How are you all on this hot afternoon? I am melting in this heat after working out and I needed a moment to cool down before I go and do a little bit ore in preparation for my birthday celebrations tomorrow! It will all be fine and sorted aha! 

Right now though I need to sort through and tell you all this film release goodness, because I honestly cannot wait to tell you it all now lovelies! Starting with this news from EOneUK! 

The company have announced that along with AMC, they will be releasing season four of ‘Hell on Wheels’ in the UK. Set in 1867, when the USA has ground to a halt after the construction work stops, the show follows Cullen Bohannon, as he struggles with family life and getting the workers back and working on the rail service. 

It will be out on the 17th August lovelies on DVD, so have a look out for it soon! 

As well as this, festival goers should look out for this next piece of release news, as the Welsh film ‘Under Milk Wood’ which stars Charlotte Church and Rhys Ifans, will be going on a caravan tour of a number of events to show the film before its cinematic release lovelies. 

Based on the bestselling play, the tour will feature all things vintage, including chairs, music and so much more to immerse fans into the films world, before showing them the film. 

And on top of this, the event will also host a special couple raffle in which the winning pair could win a great prize lovelies, so have a look out for this at your next festival! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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