Hey Lovelies, 

I have now caught up with all of yesterday’s film news, that I missed while celebrating, but don’t worry because there is so much film news from today to go, so I will not be disappearing! 

In fact I actually have a new film post to share with all of you right now, as Robert Redford will be returning to the big screen in the film adaptation of the bestselling memoir, ‘A Walk In The Woods’, as he plays Bill Bryson. 

Based on the life of the writer, the film follows him as he returns to the US after two decades away in the UK. Trying to rebuild his life in his home country, Bill decides to explore his home and country, by embarking on a hike, the Appalachian Trail, to be exact, which is 1000 miles long and a struggle for many to complete. 

As he takes on the journey, his wife struggles to comes to terms with it and tries to make his friends go with him, but many refuse, until his friend Katz, who is an overweight alcoholic, decides to step in and join him, causing a journey like no other as they face many funny moments and problems along the way lovelies. 

The film will be out on the 18th September lovelies and you can catch the trailer here now…

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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