Hey Lovelies, 

Had to run out and get a special birthday cake for my brother as he is turning 28 today, and I will be doing the special post for him later on in the day, but for now I have some exciting new release news to share with you! 

Both are from Metrodome, who have announced that on the 13th July (A day before my birthday!) they will be releasing ‘Electric Boogaloo’ and ‘The Four Warriors’ on DVD for you all to enjoy! 

‘Electric Boogaloo’ is a brand new documentary that follows two cousins who are in search of the ultimate ‘American Dream’, and decide to open up their own studio and create a number of films that helped launch some big stars careers. All of which making them an incredible power team. 

And ‘The Four Warriors’ tells the incredible story of four soldiers, who finds a village that is scared so much by an unexpected monster, that has become a legend within the village, with many tales being told about them. 

Although they want to go home, the soldiers decide to say and find those missing. Yet when they go into the mountains there are put through their paces and they have to battle their way out to make sure that they survive. 

Have a look out for these in the summer lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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