Hey Lovelies, 

I really wasn’t sure what to do this week’s film works post on today, so I decided to do it on a group of people that I know some of and others I don’t but we have all supported each other at some point, and that is the independent film bloggers out there, who are working to get people to fall in love with film again. 

Some of the amazing people I have met!
When I started my blog I honestly wasn’t aware of the huge group of people that were out there, who had the same passion in which I had and were doing the same thing as me. Some of the people I have met have helped me move forward and I have built friendships with them, while others have taken me under their wing and made sure that for that small moment that I spend with them is brilliant.

I have grown throughout my time as a blogger thanks to these people and the confidence in which they have given me, and so I had to write this post. When I first started blogging, I was someone who would not dare go up to a random person and speak to them, but now I know that to more forward and to meet amazing new people you have to leave that fear at the door. So many bloggers feel the same way and to spend just a small amount of time talking to them, will help both of you and you will come away with new friends. 

There is a sense of community that only those who are aware of it will understand, as you are all there with you passion and no one ever gets bored of you talking about film too much aha. You are able to spend hours with those who are doing the same thing and just admire their work. When I first ever went to an event I was amazed by everything that was taking place and the way in which you can just go up to people. It honestly isn’t as scary as people believe it is I can definitely vouch for this lovelies aha! 

The blogger community is always growing and changing and it is becoming one of the leading ways in which people are now using it to get their voices heard. And the way in which I have been accepted in it and been allowed to share so much with you lovelies has been amazing, I wouldn’t change any of it for the world, as it has helped me become a better person, one with so much more confidence, and I think most bloggers would say the same. 

I write my blog because I want people to be able to speak about films and to give my point of view on the upcoming releases that are going to take over our screens, because from a young age I have had a passion for film. I was brought up in a family who are huge film fans and to be able to continue and write about the thing that I have adored for so long, with some of the most amazing people by my side is brilliant. 

I know that not all of the world loves bloggers and it is a hard thing to explain to certain people, but I try to not let it bother me too much. When I was told something last week about a reaction from some people about my blog I didn’t care because I am just happy to be in this world with all of you and the other bloggers who are doing the same thing as me. 

If you are a film, books, personal, beauty, fashion, corporate, consumer, tech or whatever else blogger, I admire you and everything you do. I always want to read about new things and as people you are the ones who are going to tell me about them with truth. So thank you so much! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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