Hey Lovelies,

As many of you know I am a health freak right now and I am constantly looking for healthy foods and ways to introduce them to my diet. However I can still appreciate the beauty of chocolate, cakes, biscuits and everything that is bad, but so good!

I have actually found a healthy dessert website to help me with this because I could never give them up completely! No way!

And that is why this week’s tag celebrates sweet treats! Enjoy lovelies…

1. Donuts or Cookies:
DONUTS! There wasn’t even any thinking behind this answer! It will always be Donuts!

2. Bake Cake or Ice Cream Cake:
I am not a big fan of cake, so I am going to say Ice Cream Cake! I know I am weird!

3. Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate:
Milk Chocolate! Dark is lovely, but nothing beats Milk chocolate! Pass me the Cadbury’s.

4. Hard Candy or Chewy Candy:
Chewy! I don’t really like hard sweets. 

5. Pie or Cheesecake:
PIE WITH CUSTARD! This was a really hard one but then I thought custard and this just won!

6. Reese’s or Kit-Kat: 
OMG! They are both so good! I think I am going to have to say Kit-Kat though (Secretly thinking Reese’s)

7. Cupcakes or Brownies:
Brownies, with a really soft centre or a gooey centre.

8. Pumpkin, Apple or Pecan Pie:

9. Pieces or Bar:
Bar! There is more in a bar I feel!

10. Regular or King Size:
Regular! I can’t normally eat a King Size, because I am a wimp aha.

11. Favourite Candy Bar:
OMG! How can I pick this? There are so many I can’t choose! I feel like I am betraying them all for picking only one.

12. Ice Cream Cone or Dish:
Dish! I hate when it starts dripping on you hand and then you are sticky for the rest of the day! Also more fits in a dish.

13. Original Oreo or Double Stuffed:
DOUBLE! That cream is so good! I could eat a whole pack of these all at once aha!

OKAY I AM HUNGRY NOW! Call off the rest of this day; we are going to start baking aha! Share your favourite sweet treats with me lovelies!

And please take this tag for your own sites or Youtube channels as well!

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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