Hey Lovelies, 

Horror films have to be either very different or a cult classic to win me over, however this all changed when I watched ‘The Sleeping Room’, which did have its faults but managed to leave a chill down my spine for a long time. 

With a very different plot, the film reflects classics like ‘Hostel’ at time yet it makes its own statement in the horror film world by having elements within it that are not explored or haven’t been explored in a long time.

The acting is strong and the horrible conditions that they are faced with seem so real, that while watching the film you feel like they are actually terrified to be there and in them circumstances. They have obviously thought about the best ways in which to show the thrilling elements and this has worked out well for them. 

Of course as mentioned before the film does have elements to it that aren’t strong, including some huge moments in the plot, but the acting is able to save this film from being a disaster and therefore it comes across as a well thought out new horror film. 

Therefore I am going to wake this film up with this…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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