Hey Lovelies,

This second from last post is actually a huge thank you, because I was not expecting this little treat when this morning and it is perfect, because it has come at the time in my life where I need a lot of pampering, as the stress is too much aha!

Last week I attended an event to celebrate the launch of the new Dove Soft Feel product, which honestly smells gorgeous lovelies! It smells of a really beautiful powder, that you want to bottle up as a perfume. During my time at the launch I experienced a number of lovely things, which I thought would be all and I was so grateful for them.

So when this box arrived this morning, featuring not only the product in two sizes, the larger and smaller compressed bottles, which are so handy when I have to move around a lot, but it also included some comfy slippers, a lovely Laura Ashley eye mask, which I will be using all the time.

A gorgeous Leighton Denny nail varnish, that will make blogging even more fun when I can look at my beautiful nails and a lovely pink honey candle! All of which came in a beautiful pick box! I wish so shocked and so thankful, that I wanted do this post to thank them.

While I am yet to try the spray I can already tell that I am going to love it, because as a huge fan of Dove already, it is the only brand in which meets my needs as an asthmatic. If I had walked into the room the other day that I did and smelt a different brand or been around one to long I would have really struggled to breathe.

But I never get this with Dove, so to have a lovely feminine scented deodorant is lovely! And handy for when I am a blogger on the go.

Thank you so much Dove for this beautiful hamper and for the brilliant day the other day! Both have been perfect during this stressful time aha! I can’t wait to use them all, starting with the slippers aha!

Blog Soon,
Joey X  

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