Hey Lovelies, 

Last month ended so quickly that I completely forgot to write my April favourites for the start of the month! I apologise! I swear this year is going so fast that I can’t keep up with it all! How can we already be in May?!? How?!? 

This month has been a bit of a slow month, due to university deadlines that are coming up and the whole mix of things in which I did during it, that kept me so busy that I was unsure of what I would be doing most days aha. So this is a bit of a mix matched favourites month, but I hope you still enjoy it! 

My April favourites are…

Film: Of course it has to be ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’! While it was a film that I am still a little bit mixed over, it was brilliant to finally get to see the film in which I had spent so long waiting to see. I loved seeing the old and new characters coming together and starting off the summer film season in a very glorious way.

TV Show: After getting this Amazon Fire Stick I have been using it to find a load of new TV shows, however this month’s favourite has to be a show that I have loved for a long time and decided to re-watch from the beginning, therefore my show of the month is ‘Sex and the City’. It makes me fall in love with New York City so much. 

Book: This month I didn’t have a lot of time to pick up a book, as I have been spending a lot of time on my train journeys and at home revising. But when I did find time, my book of the month had to be ‘The Phantom of the Opera’! I have read a number of classics, however and I know this is a bad thing to say, but I am not a huge fan of them. Yet this book completely won me over! A new favourite. 

Music: I thought so hard about this, but there was only one favourite this month, and that had to be Mr James Bay, who has become a huge hit in my home for a number of his songs. I find him to have such a calming voice and I love the way in which he has produced a song for every minute of the day. 

Clothes: TOMS! SUMMER IS HERE! My favourite piece of clothing last month was my Toms, because I wait all year for the good weather to arrive and to wear them, because for someone like me who doesn’t like to show her feet off, these are my summer sandals. I love them so much, that I have a sticker on my window featuring the Toms flag aha! And they are a great way to help spread a message, because when you buy a pair, a child in another country gets a pair to, which I think is such an amazing thing to do. 

Product: At the start of April I allowed the Amazon Fire Stick into my home and since then I haven’t wanted to leave it. I find myself getting spoiled for choice all the time, annoying my mum because I can’t decide what I want to watch and then I just end up watching something that I have already seen. Even though I am looking for something new! I adore having so many films at my fingertips and hopefully once I have got the hang of it I will be able to choose something quicker. 

Website/Magazine: This past month I have fallen in love with Stellar Magazine! The Irish based magazine (I love anything Irish!) isn’t one that I have been able to find in the UK, but I have fallen in love with the magazine’s Instagram, Twitter and their website, as they have a number of really interesting items and information on them that hook you in. Here is the website lovelies: http://stellar.ie/, it is a real gem! 

Blogger: I thought that I should spend a little bit of this monthly section thanking those that I have loved reading about in the past month on their own sites and this month’s favourite has to go to Anna Saccone, whose blog has become a daily read in the morning over breakfast. I love watching the whole family’s vlogs and Anna’s blog is a lovely read to go alongside them. You can find it here lovelies: http://www.annasaccone.com/ 

Above are all of my favourite things from the month (Obviously aha!) and I hope that I we have lots of them in common or that you can have a look into them for your benefit if one has caught your eye. For me when people do their favourites, I like reading about them because I always find items that I never knew about, so I hope this is helpful in doing that too lovelies! 

As it is the bank holiday weekend in the UK I haven’t blogged much today, but tomorrows posts will be back to normal, I promise you all! I may have a few extra treats later, but for now I am off to take part in the hunger games that is my kitchen! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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