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Drones are becoming a huge talking point around the world and therefore the fact that films are taking them and using them is becoming very common, which is why they are so key in the film ‘RZ-9’, as they show the dark ways in which they could be used.

Following a terrorist attack, a new authority is brought in using drones to keep the public safe and under control; however the film explores the easy ways in which the machines can turn against those using them, as they make those around it believe that the people controlling them are the true evils.

For many audiences the plot presents a way in which they will be able to see how technology is taking over, but for most of the film it is done in a way that is so over the top that audiences will only see the ways in which the filmmakers have made a film that shows how much overthinking people have. There is a sense of unbelievable elements that run throughout it and that comes from the ways in which the actors don’t seem to believe in it.

They don’t seem to take it seriously and as an audience you are able to see this easily because they don’t put in their full potential, making this a hard watch to follow and to pay attention to.

Therefore I am giving this film…

2 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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