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It is a sad day today as we have come to the end of season one of ‘Outlander’ and with an episode like episode 16 being a highly emotional one, it left us with some of the biggest moments in TV to ponder on. While so many moments left you curling back into your sofa in discomfort, there is no way in which the actors and actresses didn’t make you want to stand up and clap and shout at their incredible performances. 

This week sees Claire and her gang successfully free Jamie from the traps of Black Jack Randall, however it is already too late, as he has already suffered at the hands of the man that has tortured him for so many years. Before watching the episode I read that the best thing to do would be to forget how the book ends and from the moment this episode begins you know to do exactly that. The creators of episode have held nothing back and viewers are shown everything from the very beginning. 

Jamie’s ordeal has created some of the hardest watching in TV for a long time and at a time in which the world is just getting over the scenes from ‘Game of Thrones’, this week’s episode will be sure to cause others to speak out about the uncomfortable watching. His request for suicide and death halfway through the episode, allowed audiences and myself to see the depths in which he has fallen in the hands of Black Jack Randall and the way his request affects the others is a hard piece to watch. 

His new outlook on life however provides a new depth to the character of Jamie and the way in which he will be developed in the future series. He is no longer the figure we saw at the start of the season and believes that he is now owned by Black Jack Randall, which the others are trying to prevent but you can see as an audience member, it has not been wiped from his memory. 

The episode also allowed a new depth to be added to Claire. Throughout this week’s episode she held the power and showed her strength by providing the truth about every twist and turn in the episode. She revealed something we all knew was coming, which won’t spoil in case you haven’t watched it, but it is something we probably all guessed was coming. And now it has come at a time in which she must struggle to protect herself and her husband. 

A key scene though in which Claire shows her power is the scene with the monk, where she reveals her story and everything within it so willingly. She opens up and the monk forgives her for everything, which isn’t the most interesting aspect of the episode, yet the way in which she openly tells the monk is. She allows him on the biggest secret of the episode and she doesn’t tell him to hide it from others, she allows him to openly take the knowledge she has given him. 

As a partnership Claire and Jamie faced some of the hardest moments of their marriage within the episode, but you could see the power in which the pair still had and the way in which they are going to use it against Randall, is going to be for some interesting watching in the future. They never allow for each other to be separated and the power in which the pair holds when they are together can do dangerous things. 

Overall though I cannot wait to see how season two is going to play out and the way in which the audience and myself are going to see a very different start and pattern within it, to what we saw at the beginning of this season. And the way in which this episode ended on such an emotional high proves that the new season will be only more emotional and eventful. 

Therefore I am giving the season finale…

4 Stars 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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