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As the penultimate episode of the series, episode 15 of ‘Outlander’ went off with a bang and has now set the whole series up for an epic finale that will definitely have us all on the edge of our seats watching to see what happens to all of our favourite characters in the end. 

With the return of Jamie being the leading plot moment, the audience sees his strength leave him and Claire’s being built up, as she plots to save him from the arrangement in which he has placed himself in. The pair have switched places and now everyone watching is hoping that in the end they will come together and be able to hold a shared power. 

I will admit that while I say Jamie lost power, he didn’t really when you explore the episode in depth. Of course he has not got the same amount of strength in which he had at the start of the series and his role in his marriage is now being changed to make him seem like the weaker one. But in actually fact with him losing power, he is gaining it, because he is using the last remaining power in which he has to protect his family and Claire. 

He has made sure that everyone around him is safe, by allowing Captain Jack Randall to beat him and torment him. He made sure that while he is being made weak, he is still controlling all of the power by negotiating with him for the freedom of Claire and that was a reassuring moment for audiences, as they can see that inside of the leading male figure there is a power that will hopefully be used in the final episode. 

And speaking of Captain Jack, it was refreshing to see him finally get his scare as he was shown by Claire, that he best prepare himself for his impending death that she of course knows. Admitting to the man that she is a witch, when of course she is not, was a moment that all audiences will be shocked but excited by, as she shows him that he should fear the power that she has about his future. Or she could have just caused a very interesting twist in the history of the Randall timeline, by telling him when it is. 

The writers of this show never allow anything to be given away and as I said before the plot within this episode has allowed and set up for a epic finale that will be sure to leave us begging for more once it is over. The twists are definitely not going to be ending next week and there is going to be some huge moments that cause the fate of the characters to be tested next week, because they were tested in this week’s one. 

No one is safe and those involved within the saving of Jamie will have to be careful. I hope as a viewer that the backing characters on Jamie’s side are able to survive and support the pair in the future, but after this week’s episode it will be interesting to see who will survive the series at the hands of Jack Randall. 

For most though the interesting outcome after this episode though will be if Claire and Jamie’s marriage will be able to survive after the way in which Jack has worked his way in-between the pair and their relationship. Things will surely never be the same again and they will have to work to get what they had back. But with these two determined people and with the help of some amazing writers it is surely going to be gripping viewing. 

Therefore as a penultimate episode the finale has been set up to be incredible and viewers must watch this to understand the way in which the characters react in the next episode. It is going to be an entertaining and gripping end.

Overall I am giving this week’s episode…

5 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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