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After last week’s slow episode I got up early yesterday morning to watch the latest episode of ‘Outlander’ with a bit of a worry in my stomach. However this worry should never have been there, as this week’s piece was a great piece for the character Claire and the women in the show, as their true power is presented on screen. 

Going back to the early episodes in the series, this week’s plot allowed Claire to take over again and break open a lot of weaknesses in the other characters she faces. From the beginning she is influenced by Jamie’s sister and the bond in which the pair share has allowed Claire to gain a power that many people have been hoping would grow upon her. She has a lot of strength in this episode and proves that while Jamie has saved her a number of times, she is able to use a different strength to save him.

She cracks open new plot holes and plot leads that will be interesting to follow throughout the rest of the season. And with only two more episodes to go, it will be intriguing to see how she continues on in the rest of the season if Jamie returns. His absence is missed, but it is also not, because Claire has so much power that you are not watching it for their romance or to see how they interact anymore, but to see what the other will do to protect the other. 

As a viewer one of the best qualities of this episode is the return of some of the faces that brought laughs and key moments in the earlier episodes. I was a fan of them when I first started to watch the show and to have them back, knowing there is going to be a number of light moments now, makes me as a viewer happy. As the show gets more and more deep and the struggles begin to rise, these characters will make it more and more amazing to watch and they will allow audiences to have some light moments when the episodes get very dark. 

They have allowed Claire to take over the army and to prepare them for the war against the red coats that has been building throughout the series. This isn’t anything that I have seen before in a period drama, as the women are normally left behind, so it is a welcome change and one that many of us will enjoy watching. It was nice to see the male characters within the show allow it to happen so easily as well, as there is normally a power struggle put in place by writers, but in this episode there was no sign of this and the characters just allowed it to happen. Highlighting the change that TV should be taking. 

This episode was miles better than the previous one the week before and as a viewer I should not have been worried about the way in which the show would be going this week. Because if anything this episode has allowed for the final two to be epic features that will have us on the edge of our seats and wanting more by the end of them. 

It would be nice to see Jamie back in one of the final two, but as this episode has proven, when one of the characters is away for so long, the other character can be developed. And given a strength in which they need to give viewers that boost and take the audience forward, which I hope will be continued to be explored even when they come back. Overall though the episode was a huge success and one of the best ones that has been shown so far!

Called ‘The Strength’, this episode is going to be super strong with this…

5 Stars 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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