Hey Lovelies,

I was away a little while but don’t worry I am back! And with some huge new film news, which stars the lovely Zac Efron, as a DJ, or as I read on Twitter and thought was quite funny, the next Calvin Harris!

‘We Are Your Friends’ is a brand new feature from Studiocanal, that has been created by the people behind MTV’s hit show and film ‘Catfish’, which follows the party and music  world in Hollywood, as Efron plays Cole, a young DJ looking to make it on the electronic music list.

The coming of age piece sees Cole splitting his time between his friends and the Hollywood nightlife, as he comes up with that one song that will make him known around the world. However upon meeting an older DJ called James, he finds himself falling for James’ girlfriend Sophie, causing everything he knows and does to fall apart, as he has to pick between his music, friends and love.

With an incredible soundtrack, the film will be out on the 28th August lovelies, and to help you all throughout the wait, I have the brand new trailer for it here…

Definitely one to put us all in the summer party mood lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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