Hey Lovelies, 

After having a new TV show, it was only fair that we had a new film to go with it! And it had to be a new comedy! It had to be because I need to laugh a lot at the moment, as I reach the end of my second year and the deadlines have approached. 

And this one stars some comedy legends, in the form of Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Lesley Mann, Chris Hemsworth (Could he get any more perfect!), Skyler Gisondo, Steele Stebbins, Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo, as they introduce the next generation within the world of the film ‘Vacation’! 

Following the Griswold’s, as they go on a family adventure to Walley World, the film sees the trip soon take a turn for the worst, as Rusty and his wife Debbie decide to take their sons on a journey across the country. 

The film will be out on the 21st August lovelies, but you can catch the new trailer for the film now lovelies…

I am so ready for the summer cinema now lovelies! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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