Hey Lovelies, 

Sorry for the slow day today, I have had so much to do and catch up and then I left to go and vote, which I have finally done! As a first time voter I was actually really nervous as I did not know if I had done it right and I kept asking lots of questions, but it is all done now aha! 

And to celebrate the fact that I succeeded aha, I thought it was time to introduce a brand new TV series, coming to Netflix very soon that has been created by the masterminds the Wachowskis! 

Starring Brian J. Smith, Tuppence Middleton, Jamie Clayton, Miguel Angel Silvestre, Tina Desai, Doona Bae, Aml Ameen, Max Riemelt, Daryl Hannah, Naveen Andrews, Terrence Mann, Freema Agyeman, Alfonso Herrera, Erendira Ibarra, Adam Shapiro, Ness Bautista and Joe Pantoliano, the new show ‘Sense8’, investigates a new sense of identity. 

What would you do if you had seven other versions of yourself? In this new show, it will follow eight members of the public, as they learn fight to survive! 

The new thriller will last for 12 episodes and be released on the 5th June around the world, but while you wait, you can catch the new trailer for it here…

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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