Hey Lovelies, 

For most of my life I have grown up surrounded by shops that have helped me grow the huge collection of films that have left a mark and an impact on my life and one of the chains that has done so is HMV! Every time I go near one I have to go in and the one that I am often found in the basement of is the Oxford Street store. 

The first HMV ever, has been a place where I have honestly spent so much time in looking at all of the films, books, music and more that the store has to offer that I have come out and been shocked by the amount of sunlight there is in the sky or how cold it is outside in the winter months. 

I could spend days and days in the shop looking at all of the films they have on offer, but for me the thing that I love the most about the store is the little things within it, that capture the film fans attentions or the films that have left an impact on the store workers lives. On one wall in the basement section there is a board, or there was, and it had the film in which the team was in love with that week, that I just thought was so clever and nice to feature. 

And talking about the staff, whenever I have been in there and spent ages looking for something, I find them to be really friendly and chatty to me. They don’t force me to buy anything, they just give me helpful suggestions, which I love because I want to be able to bask in the films that others have fallen in love with, as I want to see the moments that they remember and see the way in which they will leave a mark on my life. 

Film shopping is my favourite and I always pick something different and weird every time, because I don’t have a favourite genre and so to have someone help me is always nice. The staff probably have become annoyed with me before from picking up and putting films down, but if I didn’t do this I would end up spending hundreds of pounds on films and other goodies in HMV that I would be broke aha. 

HMV has always been around ever since I was little and I remember when I was little getting a film from there was a treat that I would look after and cherish for a long time. In fact I am sure that my most prized Barbie film came from our local HMV, as it was one of the only places my mum could find it and so the store saved her from a very unhappy child. 

But it was only recently that I found the HMV on Oxford Street to be such a brilliant place to spend time, as I went there as soon as I started university and now when I need to find a film and have it on hand straight away I rush to Bond Street station, walk up the steps and find myself face to face with it. They always have what I need and that was why I chose them to be this week’s film works, because they have been true lifesavers at times when I need a cosy film to snuggle up to or watch on a sunny afternoon with friends. Plus they have a store right next to a waffle stand that smells so good! SO GOOD! 

Therefore I would like to end this post by saying a massive thank you to HMV for being such a great shop for a film fan like me! I will continue to go to your store for as long as I live, because I will need a lot of films and TV shows aha. 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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