Hey Lovelies, 

I was left wondering who I could feature this week and I had to think very hard about it lovelies, but when I got into bed last night and looked at my bedroom doors I knew who I had to dedicate this post to. I honestly don’t know why I never have done this before but this week’s film works post is dedicated to the incredible V&A. 

After the Alexander McQueen exhibition I mentioned the museum a little bit before, but I didn’t dedicate the whole post to them and so this week’s one is dedicated to them. There is not a room in which I haven’t visited and I am often found walking around the building when I get a moment to visit the museums. 

There is even a room within it that I would love to get married in. In fact I would love to spend a night within the walls of the museum, because it is just a magical place. There is something for everyone within it and all ages can enjoy the beauty of it. For me the best things that I find there are the clothes and jewellery pieces, including the theatre section. 

When I first found the theatre section I wandered in and found it to be memorizing. There was so much to take in and so many items that people who I admire had worn and placed within the museum for everyone to enjoy that I couldn’t get over it. One thing that I remember and spend ages looking at every time in fact is the Kylie Minogue dressing room. Each time I look at it I find something new to take in and enjoy. 

However going back to the exhibition pieces, this is where the film section comes in, because this museum was the first place in which I experienced the wonder of costume in film. I attended the Hollywood Costume exhibition with my mum and as someone who adores Johnny Depp, when I wandered into the room in which his outfit from ‘Sweeney Todd” was in, I stood for a good five minutes taking in all of the detailing. 

When I heard that the exhibition had moved to America, I was actually very grateful that the V&A had shared with me the same pieces and parts that America was now seeing because I could relate to all of the feelings in which people were sharing online about the new exhibition. This was the same way I felt about the McQueen exhibition, which I walked around with goose bumps on my arms throughout and with tears in my eyes at times. 

The true thing I love about the exhibits though is the way in which you can’t take pictures. While I would love to stand and take a number of images, I kind of like the way in which they allow us to take them in and remember them in our minds. Instead of looking at all of the pieces from behind a screen, you really take them in with your mind and enjoy what is in front of you. 

I found this in the wedding exhibit, because I could remember all of the detailing on the back of the dress in which Kate Moss wore and the details and perfection of the dress in which I wanted to have recreated aha. Ultimately though it happens throughout the exhibitions I have visited and the way I have felt walking around each one has meant that I could enjoy them all the time. 

The V&A is a magical place that you should all visit at least once. Whether it is to see an exhibit, to take in the pieces of art or fashion or to just take in the epic building in which it all lives in, there is something for everyone within it. It is one of my favourite exhibits in London and if anyone wants to make my dreams come true and allow me to spend the night within it then I would be so grateful! 
A night amongst the beauty! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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