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From the cover of the DVD Heigl and Wilson mean business but in actual fact ‘Home Sweet Hell’ doesn’t deliver and audiences will be disappointed by the way in which the plot of this film lets down the actors. 

At the beginning of the film it opens with an interesting piece, that becomes dark quickly and it seems as though the creators are working on something that will hook us in, as they reveal that the husband has had an affair, leading to his wife wanting to murder the woman in which he has had it with. 

However it all changes quickly and the plot slows and drags, making it take a turn for the worse, as the actions in which the characters do are not funny, they are not dark, but they are just ridiculous and not believable at all. Although I suspect that not everyone who has experience an affair would do what Heigl’s character wants to do aha! 

While the cast have been in a number of horror films or comedic pieces, Heigl and Wilson’s skills are not put to the test here and it seems as though they are just going along with it. Heigl is a skilled actress who has had a lot of stick recently, and her talents are being let down here again. She should have definitely been placed in a stronger role and if she had been she would have saved this whole film from the lacking plot. 

As well as Wilson, who audiences will know can make a film a must watch, after his role in ‘Insidious’ which highlighted so many of his talents that could have been used in this. Instead his character is made to seem like he is going along with the lot of it, which the audiences can see that Wilson wants to change when he is on screen. 

Overall the film lacks the laughs and moments that it has used to promote the film and the actors within the film, who have superb acting talents in other films, have been let down within this one, and they are not given the chance to build the film back up again. 

Therefore this film is getting a not so sweet…

2 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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